Every member of the Batavia Mothers’ Club works together to raise funds for local charities. In the spring, we disburse these funds entirely to local organizations. Last year we disbursed over $23,000. Many charities who pursue improvements in education, literacy, life for children and other important projects have benefitted from our community’s continuous support. Thank you on behalf of all these organizations.

Deadline for philanthropic applications is March 1st of the current year.

Charities: Please download our Philanthropic Application


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Share and Care

Making personal donations of goods at our meetings is a part of BMCF tradition. Groups of items include nonperishable food, personal care items, children’s clothing and cleaning supplies.

Cold Weather and Holiday Support

BMCF members pay special attention to those in need during the cold winter months and the holiday season. We operate drives for winter coats, thanksgiving turkeys, and holiday gift sponsorship for families. These efforts are often in cooperation with local charities such as the Batavia Clothes Closet and the Interfaith Food Pantry. Donations of our time are also provided every year to keep successful programs going such as the Access Toy Drive.

Focus on Education

A percentage of our disbursement is traditionally given to Batavia Public Schools. We publish a detailed preschool guide to preschools in the Fox Valley and we sponsor Batavia’s Parents’ Academy Seminar Series.

Fox Valley Area Preschool Information (UPDATED JANUARY 2012). **Please note that information is subject to change. Contact individual preschools for most current schedules and pricing.

Parents’ Academy Dates