bmcfhandMotherhood changes us instantly and permanently. The world looks different through the eyes of a mother. Any child in need reminds us of how fortunate we are that we have access to the things we need to care for our children.

The Batavia Mothers’ Club Foundation is committed to helping children and families in our area succeed. Joining us in this effort means giving your time to help raise money for our local charities.

Members of BMCF 2015-2016

Joining the club is also a great opportunity to connect with other mothers. We plan many recreational activities* with and without our kids. We share information about parenting in many ways. The mothers of our club are embracing all kinds of challenges, have chosen many different paths in education, careers, and life, and come from many types of backgrounds. Members with full- or part-time employment commitments as well as full-time caregivers have been able to balance club activities and responsibilities with their families and work lives.

We encourage you to learn more about this dynamic group of women who are united by the efforts of philanthropy and motherhood.

Membership Requirements:

  • Pay annual dues based upon your level of membership ($35 or $30 for Auxiliary members).
  • Attend monthly meetings (and get to know your fellow moms in the process).
  • Volunteer time at our major fundraisers.
  • Assist committee chairs in preparing for fundraising events.
  • Participate in one philanthropic event and one community relations event each year (generally 2 hours of time)

Interested in Becoming A Member?

Email our Chairperson of Membership at:

We host an Open House a few times year for those interested in learning more about us. Please contact us via email or call us at 630-282-3153 to get more information.

15350569_10211872783362785_7822352143740537076_n-1Our monthly meetings are open to women who are interested in possibly joining our club. First time attendees will have an opportunity to talk to members and listen in on monthly club updates. We also host open house events for people who are interested in learning more. Come and meet our friendly and down-to-earth members! We meet the first Wednesday of every month September through May, 7:00 PM**.

*All recreational events are voluntary and are funded by ancillary member participation fees. Member dues are used solely for administration of the club.