Batavia Mother’s Club “You’ve Been Booed” Fundraiser!

Hey Batavia!  Are you looking for a little fun for a friend or your kids this Halloween?  Look no further than the Batavia Mothers’ Club “You’ve Been Booed” fundraiser.  For $5, we will deliver a small bag of treats to an address of your choosing (the “Baby Boo”).  For $20, the  “Boo Crew” will deliver a larger Boo Bag and toss two dozen treat filled egg shaped monsters in the front yard (the “Big Boo”).  Slots of both boos are limited, so register now!

Those purchasing the Big Boo can select a 1-hour time window on Saturday, Oct 24th.  Baby Boos will be delivered on Saturday, Oct 24th or Sunday, Oct 25th.  ALL BOO RECIPIENTS MUST RESIDE WITHIN BATAVIA SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES!

Register Here!